"Because it's deeper than the surface."

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Yoga Bay, LLC is a sole proprietorship owned by Certified Yoga Instructor and Health and Life Coach Brianna Carletha Guyton. Miss Guyton offers instructional classes in Vinaysa, slow flow and Fusion based yoga clasees. Ms. Guyton also provides health and life coaching which promotes habit change and not just gives you a "to-do" list that never really gets done. In addition, Yoga Bay, LLC offers education on various approaches to improve health and overall well being at The Phoenix Project 



Yoga Bay, LLC was birthed out of the visionary, Brianna Carletha Guyton’s desire to share healthier alternatives that would promote good health and overall well being.

"Multiple times I found myself hitting Plato’s in my weight management and beginning to feel it was more to it than just moving and eating right. As I pushed through those platos multiple times health evolved from not only a physical state of being health conscious; but mentally health conscious as well. To be quite candid the constant case of the fuck boys, inconsistent friends, and what seemed to become routine wtf moments I found myself knowing it was time to make healthier life choices. Choices in how I spent my time, who I spent my time with, the overall energies I put out and came in contact with and my state of mind through it all" -Expert from the Phoenix Project Blog-


My why: “I just want to live a life that promotes taking care of myself the best way I can, while encouraging and educating others on how to the do the same”


Mission Statement: Educate communities on the benefits of the practice of yoga and healthy habit change, supporting a lifestyle made for you and the way you want yo live. Using Multiple creative platforms to conduct classes, host seminars, retreats, workshops, and making wellness and peace of mind the dopest wave to ride for life.

Current class schedule:

Yoga in the yard- summer yoga

Saturday Mornings 10:30 am

3210 S Annabelle St Detroit MI 48217

Detroit Yoga Lab Midtown Detroit:

Sundays 8:45 AM

Tuesdays  4:15 pm

Thursdays 6:15 am and 12:15 pm

Detroit Yoga Lab Grosse Point:

Monday & Wednesday 7pm-8pm



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