Start at the crown, work our way down

Coaching is offered as a 3 month minimum commitment where I work exclusively with clients in incorporating holistic approach and techniques to live more abundantly through awareness and habit change. Giving clients tools and resources to rewire and redefine the relationship with their minds; cultivating healthier relationships within themselves, their bodies and within the ecosystems they operate and function in. 


One on one coaching sessions include 

Focus: mindfulness awareness exercises ie:

  • Journal prompts

  • Introduction to Energy clearing and healing tools

  • Mindful Movement

  • Sound healing

  • Distant body attunement and Reiki meditation


One on one Wellness coaching sessions

Focus: coaching for habit change


-label and target goals

-understanding believes around goals

-evaluate what gets in the way

-build, implement, and achieve a workable action plan to success.


Hair care:

Focus natural hair care offerings to grow and maintain healthy relationship to your crown

Motto: it starts in the mind let’s build a mind of Gold


Loctionist specializing in sisterlocs and interlocking technique. 

As your loction- I suggest holistic products as well as wellness options to maintain a healthy mane of hair

Including but not limited:


-Mind of Gold Hair tonic

-Juice subscriptions made from fruits and veggies grown locally by Bri or sponsorship from Fruits and Roots based out of Florida.


Online class offerings: (this can be more group base take at your own pace subscription modules)

-“Root to tips” tip of the day Coaching for healthy hair and scalp and over wellness 

-Mindful mood yoga 1 hr flow offered each week

-Coaching focused yogic principles and how to apply them in everyday life

-cultivating and nurturing the spiritual within to bluster and support (rather than replace) your spiritual relationship and identity. 

-gardening gold- tips to gardening for healthier holistic living 

-monthly book club discuss and share out  knowledge from book of the month.