Bri is an amazing wellness coach. For the past 90 days she has been helping me understand my potential and self worth. Along with setting and understanding how to achieve success in goals whether it be long term or short term. With her help and guidance I was able to reach all of my set goals! 


Along with goal setting she gives you the tools that you need to help with daily stressors. Ranging from breathing techniques such as the 5,5,7 (I'm still using this daily) and anchors. We usually know what already helps us but she assits in bringing them to the forefront.


All in all, I would HIGHLY recommended Brianna if you are looking for a wellness coach! She has and amazing spirit and energy and will always keep it real. Thank you Bri for all the amazing work. 


Peace and blessing,


Torri M

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A Path That Met Opportunity


My name is Evangelist Carolyn W. G. Barnett a.k.a. “Pastor Carolyn.” I am also a retired coach. Let me tell you; yes, I am also the mother of Brianna Guyton of Yoga Bay, LLC. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and experiencing heart failure has been a whirlwind, and a true “faith walk” in hope. Wow, I’m still walking!


Facing health challenges can be overwhelming, both emotionally and physically painful, and lonely. Nevertheless, my process was greeted with an opportunity when my daughter, Brianna of Yoga Bay, asked me to be a part of her coaching practicum for 90 days. Not understanding what I was in for; however, my desire to support my daughter in her endeavor as a “Life Coach,” coupled with my desire to lose 15lbs, and to continue to feel better, I got on board.


Even in moments of vulnerability, I was encouraged to include new foods. I was reminded to take my time to chew and enjoy my food which translated for me to slow down, to enjoy my life; do something a little mischievous but not too dangerous that’s that “critter brain.” Be in the moment and breathe, breathe, breathe “5, 5, 7.” As a spiritual leader, often our focus is on others, but through this “Life Coaching” experience with Yoga Bay, I was encouraged to acknowledge the many small things I had accomplished. These small accomplishments known as “hinges” that inched my way to more desired habits that brought about my consistent weight loss over the 90 day period. Consequently, of course, I loss the additional 15lbs, I am feeling healthier, and I am very optimistic about what my future holds for me. Already, Yoga Bay, LLC is a “Life Coach” of coaches!

Carolyn W. G. Barnett

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Nemiah's Vision


Hi Bri,

Today I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy my time in your classes.

You are a very talented and caring instructor. You are constantly "keyed in" on each of your participants and their individual needs/limitations.

I appreciate you and look forward to my time in your classes.



*Testimonial from Community classes held at Kemeny Recreational

 Brianna Guyton's Level Up Health Coaching program is 3 months that you are dedicating to holistic improvement of your mental, physical, and emotional health. Bri lights up any room she walks into and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She taught me about my health, she helped me devise specific steps to improve my wellbeing, and then she got me excited to take those steps. Over the course of my 3 months with this lovely woman, I was able to stop being afraid of food and start appreciating it for its true purpose - to give me energy. I lost 5 lbs and was excited to go do more than the typical treadmill morning run. I started kickboxing and rock-climbing and dancing on a weekly basis, despite feeling that I had no time. Bri will help you understand your priorities and true desires - then, she will help you do what it takes to achieve your core goals. She starts you on a journey that will take up the rest of your life, and she does an incredible job doing it.


Julia Ketelhut